It’s time to get focused and have some fun!

Come join me for a VIP Mindset Day to get your mind (your most powerful director) aligned with what you want to experience in your life.

One of the most important criteria for success is measured by how aware you are of your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. Beliefs create your reality. Learning techniques and enhancing skills of self-awareness are keys to your happiness and fulfillment in life.

When you feel scattered and not clear where you are going, you CAN’T:

  • Access your best thoughts
  • Access your skills and talents
  • Feel connected to people
  • Make good choices or decisions
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Love or be loved
  • Inspire others

Often you think you need to work harder and scramble till you get traction.

Not so!

Your purpose in life is to move yourself to higher states of awareness of who you are. Simply put, experience more joy in your life! What disconnects us is the conditioning of our minds. Take away all that conditioning, you begin to feel focused and at ease; more in-flow with life.

Life does not have to be so hard!

Come join me for a full day of Personal Coaching and you will experience the following:

  • Clarity on where you are at and how you got there
  • Tools and techniques to unwind any negative conditioning
  • Tools and techniques to enhance focus, creativity, and self-love
  • Clearing out of beliefs that no longer serve you
  • A process to get you aligned with your own inspiration and life you want
  • A clear plan of personal work to create more joy, happiness and focus

Here’s what one person had to say about her VIP Day:

“I have never had an experience quite like the day I had with Mindset Coach, Ellie Ballentine. How I can best summarize the value of this day is the transformation that happened to me in the following 6 months of our meeting. I became clear of how I want to be in the world. I let go of toxic relationships and made new ones that are so fulfilling and fun! I changed my professional life, and although I was nervous to make the leap, I learned to trust my intuition and take care of myself so that I could meet the challenges of changing careers with confidence. I am so proud of that! I am much more at peace and confident that I can create the life I want. I am clear about what I say “yes” or “no” to without the feelings of guilt or urgency.

I encourage anyone who is aware that we all have to become more responsible for how we are creating our world to take a day with Ellie. Her style, knowledge and wisdom come from much more than a textbook! You’ll experience a connection to yourself that suddenly feels like magic!”

Here’s what the VIP Mindset Day will look like:

  • 9am Welcome coffee/tea plus 90min personal coaching
  • 15min break at 10:30am
  • 90min personal coaching
  • Healthy lunch 12:15 to 1:15pm
  • 1:15 to 3pm personal coaching
  • 3-3:30pm wrap-up with meditation

If you who would like to focus on one issue and leave feeling lighter and refocused, I also offer a VIP Mindset Half Day.

  • 9am – 12:15pm or 1pm – 4:15pm
  • 90min of personal coaching
  • 15min break
  • 60min personal coaching
  • 30min wrap-up and meditation

Give yourself the gift of stepping back for a moment to get the broader view of who you are and how you are creating your life.

Nothing would make me happier than you pushing your “reset” button and experiencing the life you’ve always wanted 🙂

It’s all within you!

Come join me for a VIP Mindset Day to get your mind (your most powerful director) aligned with what you want to experience in your life.
Price: $1,300.00
VIP Half Day
Come join me for a VIP Mindset Half Day to get your mind aligned with improving one specific issue in your life.
Price: $699.00





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