In a recent conference on longevity, I was impressed by a doctor and functional medicine doctor by the name of Dr. Datis Kharrazian. Although everything that came out of his mouth was highly technical (not so for other doctors) I was impressed by how he intertwined the actual experience of his patients with the science he knew so well. Dr K’s focus was on how stress (and other factors like the environment, food, toxins) can have an affect on the brain. Today I want to share just a snippet of what he offered on the topic of stress.

I invite you to participate in a short self-assessment. Rate your responses 0 for never at all, 1 = sometimes, 2 = often, 3 = all the time.

  • Always have projects and things that need to be done
  • Never have time for yourself
  • Not getting enough sleep or rest
  • Difficulty getting regular exercise
  • Feel that you are not accomplishing your life’s purpose

If you scored mostly 2’s and 3’s then you are in a zone of concern for brain degeneration. If you scored mostly between 0-2 then you are managing your stress to a level that is healthy. Although there are many other variables to consider, what I wanted to expose to you today are your own responses to the questions. I invite you to take a moment and observe where you are at in this moment in relationship to those questions. Are you happy with the results? Were the areas like sleep or purpose even on your radar?

Many of you are gaining awareness that there is more to life than just the hustle and grind. I want to take you even further so that your health and wellbeing, especially your brain health, does not become another thing to do on your long list of things to do but instead become a new way of living.

I’ll share with you what Dr. K demands his patients carry out and see how you think that could positively affect your life. I say he “demands” because he made it clear these new lifestyle steps are non-negotiable if people want to regenerate their brains and experience great health.

5 Lifestyle Steps to Decrease Stress and Save Your Brain*

  1. Schedule one day a week for yourself of no commitments, tasks, appointments, or responsibilities.
  2. Make exercise a priority above your other tasks. Don’t stress about how intense you need to exercise.
  3. Pull out your calendar and get rid of commitments on the schedule that are causing you stress.
  4. Find out how you can reorganize your schedule to give yourself more time.
  5. Make sure you schedule your day to sleep as long as your body needs.

(*excerpt from Dr. Kharrazian’s Save Your Brain course)

If you find yourself LOL-ing through all the steps then I invite you to address one a week and observe the results. You are your own experiment. Taking one step towards less stress is one step closer to a brain and body that feels clean, clear, energized and alive!

And to support you, it’s as easy as exploring my website. From audio courses on meditation or mindfulness to private coaching programs, there is something for you to step into the ease and efficacy of a great life. Or reach out… I’m a real human, not a robot, so you’ll hear from me personally and we can co-create a plan for YOU.





If this resonates with you and you’d like to overcome some of your own barriers to living the life you want, then click here and I’ll make sure we connect. And you know I like to share the love, so if you know someone who could benefit from this article then please share it! Imagine, thought by thought and act by act we are creating a more conscious world.

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