I like to teach transformative new ideas. Some people are inventive with new recipes, technology, design… me, I like to create new ways of thinking and being in life. When I got clear that that is where I love to live everyday, my life got more interesting and fun.

I want to invite you to do something similar. Whether this is January 1st for you or you are reading this at a time when you are thinking about doing something new, I want to pass along 5 success habits I cultivate in order to BE in life in meaningful and purposeful ways.

1. Express your desires: Don’t just do whatever everyone else is doing or what you think you should do. Take a moment to really get quiet and listen within. What are your deepest desires? Write them down. Now ask yourself, “How can I express these desires?” Could I do some of this at work? At home? In my community? Just for me? Make the decision to carry them out.

2. Start every morning in appreciation: For many years, I woke up in a cold sweat racing to get things done and avert disaster. I was always on the lookout for “What could go wrong today?” When you decide to live from your desires, there is an opening that occurs where you have room to feel good about the potential of your day and the possibility of living life in a new way. To help cultivate a feeling of possibility, I like to practice appreciation everyday. List the things that you appreciate in your life… notice the abundance you already have… and feel it so that your central nervous system and neural network begins to understand what you are seeking. Your brain will begin to notice the match to your desires and you will begin to see things change in more positive ways more quickly.

3. Do what’s tough first: I know, I know. Not many of you will like this. But studies show that when you get the more difficult things out of the way first, your brain and body are less taxed because there is more clear energy in the beginning of the day and there is less rumination and buildup of fear. I find there is a great satisfaction in clearing my deck so to speak so that I have more room for the things I love. Try it!

4. Ask for help: Asking for support is a key success factor for so many of my clients. Once they realized that being the Lone Ranger for so many years (I’m included in that!) did not bring about the results they were looking for, they opened to what now my clients describe as a smarter more leveraged relationship with their desires. Support is not weak, in fact, it’s often the difference that makes a difference! Take a look at your desires and plans and see where you might need some support. It could be hiring a bookkeeper, letting your VA do more, getting someone to clean the house, or improving a skill or knowledge. Whatever that support is, reach out and ask!

5. Demand the best of yourself! Well, why not? This is your life. Why not bring the best of you forward… in any moment?! I’m NOT talking perfection here… I’m talking about being vulnerable, open and curious about what it means to be YOU… an expanded version of all your possibilities. I think it’s exciting and never boring! One phrase I like to use when I’m challenged is, “How would my highest self respond?”

I hope these success habits inspire you to take a new step in your day! As a little wink, I also like to say, “If all else fails, listen to Barbra…”

Whether you want to create more love and intimacy in your life, start a new career, improve your health and wellbeing or simply set your year up for more meaning and purpose, it’s important to get clear on your desires, make a decision to take action and ask for support. For over 20 years, I’ve been coaching and facilitating men and women to lead extraordinary lives and I want to make sure you are included! I invite you to reach out, whether it’s reviewing some of my blogs for information and tips, joining an upcoming workshop or hiring me as a Coach. The Coaching relationship is a unique experience where getting unstuck is part of the process. Wouldn’t that feel great for you this year?

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