“We hired Ellie to facilitate our new Team meeting back in the Fall of 2017. As a young health and fitness studio, we were struggling with communication and growth. Ellie gave us an experience that not only helped us create a powerful exchange with our staff but connected us to our strengths and the value that we really have to offer as a team.

What impressed me most about her skills was her ability as an outsider to ease into our team energy and take a collaborative approach to the needs of the company with professionalism, warmth, sensitivity and the understanding of team dynamics.

From the start her demeanor is inviting and centering as she takes a moment to settle us into a headspace of productivity with positive energy. I am also consistently impressed by how she acknowledges everyone’s unique input, respects the time restraints and returns our attention to the agenda on hand. It’s not easy keeping 15 people on track in an open conversation with a clock ticking! Ellie does it with ease. In our meetings she sets out guidelines for moving forward, addresses what new subjects need attention for future meetings and closes up our time taking a moment to acknowledge the key takeaways. We are now a more cohesive and enriched team that will ultimately benefit our client base.

As a result, we have invited Ellie to prepare the Leadership team in between team meetings in order to improve our accountability and find her an invaluable resource for the growth of our business.”

Gayle Rubin, Manager, Studio Pilaflex, Montreal, Quebec

“Seeing Ellie has been life changing for me. When I first came to Ellie, I was constantly in a state of high anxiety, and missing university classes because of it. She taught me a different, kinder, way to to be in the world and my anxiety is no where near where it used to be because of it. I am now graduating from engineering and I could not have done it without Ellie. Her coaching has also had a ripple effect in the lives of those around me where I'm now able to be there for family and friends in ways I never had been before. If you are feeling stuck in your life and feel like trying to change is futile, then go see Ellie and you will see that so much more is possible for you than you realize.”

Joanna Halpern

“In my work with Ellie, it is evident that she truly cares about the process and the outcome and she is able to tap into her wealth of professional training and certifications to choose the exact exercises and path needed to guide a deep and lasting transformation. With an MBA, a master’s degree in psychology and multiple coaching certifications, Ellie has used her unique set of skills to laser focus my experience in a way that, literally, remodelled my way of thinking. After our work together, I have an entirely new approach to life, family, medicine and I have even started to uncover my potential as a leader in the world. I would highly recommend working with Ellie if you are tired of feeling tired and you are ready to reach your destiny.”

Catherine Hansen MD, MPH, Houston, Texas

“Ellie Ballentine is an incredible transformational facilitator. I have been lucky enough to be a participant in groups she has facilitated for the past two years. Ellie brings a level of professionalism, credibility and depth and breadth of experience that is second to none. What Ellie brings could be intimidating, but because she is very humble and approachable, I feel held in a warm extremely capable embrace when she is facilitating. Ellie has a warmth and radiance that is magnetic – she draws people toward her and those of us who are lucky enough to participate cannot help but be transformed.”

Milisa Burns, Certified Coach and Transformational Facilitator, Making Room for You, Toronto, Ontario

“Ellie knows exactly what you are talking about within 5 seconds of beginning a sentence, which is most probably reflecting the state of your mind or soul. She captures it with great precision and compassion. It is an amazing talent; it renders sessions with her breezy and effective. I had the pleasure of seeing Ellie for a full six-month session and a later follow-up of three sessions. As a result, I have a broader vision of life and can tackle issues with much more grace and diplomacy, be it a work or a personal situation. She has also taught me how to lasso in my sensitive nature and use it for the better. I have struggled with that for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to see her again! Thank you Ellie.”

Isabelle Bisson, PhD., President of Terra Humana Solutions, Montreal

“In Ellie’s eyes is a profound kindness. She has made a tremendous impact on my life through her gifts of deep-seeing, empathy, love and her ability to help me see a new way of being. Ellie helped me cultivate the courage to make a big leap in my life and I’ll never regret it. In fact, that’s the life I left – the one of regret! Ellie helped me tap into my possibility and I am forever grateful. She is a source for the World’s possibility!!”

C.M., mother, family business owner, Calgary

“I met Ellie in a time in my life when I was going through major life changes. Personal, marriage, family, finances and stepping into a new career. At the time I had joined a meditation group that Ellie was leading. I knew right away that she would be able to help guide me in my life crisis. So I booked a series of sessions with Ellie and we began our journey together. She helped me to gain a different perspective in a positive light and gave me some practical tools to start a new dialogue of thinking. Ellie's easy going approach made it possible for me to open up and express what I was feeling. I am deeply grateful for her expertise and her passion to help myself and others to move beyond our fears.”

Monica Merleau

“Ellie is a highly intelligent person who is passionate about helping people realize their highest potentials for success, well being and happiness. She has developed exceptional skills helping clients identify their unique challenges while cultivating manageable action steps for transformation in every area of their lives.”

Daniel G., Montreal, financial director, father

“Ellie radiates the compassion, understanding, and insight necessary to help each of us achieve our goals and gain mastery in our lives. Anyone seeking greater happiness, purpose, and success in life should take every opportunity to benefit from her wisdom.”

Elizabeth W., Chicago, writer, speaker, health coach

A window into a client experience...

I knew that leaving a 20-year career behind, so that I could start my own business, would require support, accountability and taking a look at my mindset. Ellie helped me explore my beliefs, my thoughts, my actions and how I was showing up in the world. She bridged the gap during my career transition from a corporate position into entrepreneurship.

Ellie helped me remove limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me. She helped me create a daily practice of appreciation, gratitude and self-serving mantras. Working with Ellie has empowered me and given me the confidence to be the voice of change to my clients. When I feel stuck, I reflect upon what Ellie taught me. Ellie brought to light a new relationship with myself by beginning a practice of how I would like to feel.

After 3 years, I always come back to this question - what would feel better in this moment? It’s a choice. Ellie has a way of shifting your perspective and guiding you to find resolution in any area of life. I’ve changed my thoughts and it’s changed my life.

Sheila Petersen, Health & Lifestyle Coach
Life Elemental

“Unlike many other therapists and therapies, yours actually produces lasting results!!”

I want you to know that all the tools you've given me are with me always now. I refer to your notes, your blog, and the meditation recordings, often. Unlike many other therapists and therapies, yours actually produces lasting results!!

Julie Girard

“Ellie showed me how by changing beliefs that don't serve me, I could overcome my fears, my uncertainties and my judgment of myself.”

Being such a private person, I was extremely hesitant to share my issues with anyone. Ellie made me feel comfortable and I knew I had found someone who would listen and give me the tools I needed to face and conquer my challenges.

Having faced a major crisis in my life where my world changed overnight, I felt a deep sense of anger, fear, and my emotions were out of control.

I felt a sense of urgency and an uncontrollable need to control everything in my world. I was like a robot with a list programmed to make sure everything was done in-order for me to be satisfied with my day. That led to efficiency and productivity but also to exhaustion, sadness, sleep deprivation, and judgment of myself for not being good enough.

Ellie brought me back to a place where I was able to see where this behavior came from. Ellie showed me that the real problem was not the situation at hand, it was the way I was programmed to deal with every obstacle that came my way.

Ellie made me realize that the black and white beliefs that I was raised with, are just beliefs. That if I could change those that don’t serve me well, I could overcome my fears, my uncertainties and my judgment of myself. Most importantly, that I could just “let it go” and deal with the truth with more rationale, and a more clear mind.

While in the past I held onto everything, with Ellie I learned to let it go. That for me is a key phrase that allows me, on a daily basis, to free myself of the thoughts that stand in my way of living the best life I could.

I am truly grateful to Ellie for her wisdom, her understanding, and her support.


“I can already feel internal and external shifts in my life.“

With Ellie, it's great to be able to process my (old) beliefs through inquiry when my emotions are so raw... and my mood gloomy. I can already feel internal and external shifts in my life.

I am grateful to be working with Ellie. She is exactly what I need at this point in time.

Stephanie, Mother, Professional Organizer

“Ellie gave me tools so I could find my own solutions and now I am better equipped to face life’s challenges.“

I appreciate Ellie for not trying to fix my problems/issues/difficulties! Instead she gave me tools so I could find my own solutions and now I am better equipped to face life’s challenges.

Instead of just telling me to relax she gave me tools so I could find and feel peace and calm within me.

Ellie’s 90 day-program can absolutely help change your life for the better!


“The life and spiritual lessons Ellie taught me have been my saving grace.“

In the middle of a recent crazy turmoil, the life and spiritual lessons Ellie taught me have been my saving grace.

I am truly grateful.


“Ellie expertly, powerfully, and skillfully helped me achieve new-found clarity and strength.“

Within 24 hours of having two enjoyable conversations with Ellie Ballentine, I came to a resolution and realization about an important decision I had been consciously contemplating for years. It changed my life and career.

I greatly appreciate Ellie's professional ability. She made a major contribution towards my quickly arriving at final resolution of this important concern.

Ellie expertly, powerfully, and skillfully helped me achieve new-found clarity and strength.

JoreJj Elprehzleinn

“Ellie has a way with words that taps into my inner desires for change and movement.“

Ron Thiessen, Psychologist

“Ellie gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life again and that it all starts with me loving myself and taking care of me.“

I started with Ellie almost 6 months ago full of anxiety and fear. At 55 years old I suddenly started to feel my mortality... and that was so scary! No matter how hard I tried on my own to fight my fears I realized I needed help.

Ellie gave me the tools I needed to take control of my life again and, to my surprise, so much more than just that. Ellie taught me that it all starts with me loving myself and taking care of me. She is supportive and patient and someone I would consider a cherished friend. She showed me my inner self and the connections to my behaviors that would affect all aspects of my life. I appreciated her approach in teaching me and her technique was easy for me to follow.

I am going to miss our weekly meetings but she has helped me make it possible to be confident I can do it quite well on my own.

Joy, Wife and Grandmother

“I learned to question my fears as they are often not reality, which gives me the confidence to make better decisions and put myself out there in the world.“

I appreciate that Ellie didn't just give me advice or tell me what I should and shouldn't do… she guided me in exploring my own inner feelings so I could come to my own conclusions.

Working with Ellie has had a wonderful impact on my life: I am no longer doubting my decision to leave my relationship and am trusting my gut instead.

I have realized that love comes from within and that only when I learn to love myself will I have a true partnership based on mutual respect and honestly.

I learned to question my fears as they are often not reality, which gives me the confidence to make better decisions and put myself out there in the world.

I really enjoyed working with Ellie and am grateful for the time we spent together.


“My level of confidence and awareness has been elevated!”

Working with Ellie I experienced breakthroughs and saw my life transform.

I learned to communicate my desires more effectively with my husband. My relationships with my husband and my daughter are a lot "richer"!

I was able to "decide" to view a relationship with a difficult person as a positive relationship and practiced compassion. It has been extremely successful! A new relationship is budding - she has opened up to me in ways that I was not expecting. I have also re-connected with people from my past and in my current circle which resulted in friendships.

Ellie taught me to keep my wellbeing and balance at the forefront of my decision making! I no longer judge myself the way I used to.

I feel that my level of confidence and awareness has been elevated. My thoughts are clearer! Things don't affect me the way they used to.

I believe that I have grasped the concepts of how my thoughts determine my life and how to just let things be... without forcing the outcome.

When I am happy, positive things just flow into my life! All the extras, the fluff, naturally follow.

Meeting you has helped me make this quantum leap!

Brenda, Professional Services

“I learned how to accept and trust myself!”

I hired Ellie when I was working on correcting a stressed out body. My skin reacts to stress, and no matter how much medication I would take, it was never be enough.

In order to get my health under control I needed to get my stress under control. Stress from work, family, guilt, money - you name it I can worry about it. One thing that relaxed me about working with Ellie is that I was not going to be a patient for life but I was going to be connected to Ellie for life.

More appointments with no end in sight was not the answer for me. Learning how to cope with a very busy challenging life was. Ellie teaches skills while we work on self improvement. Learning how to accept myself and trust myself was important.

I walked away with coping tools that I use in my everyday life. I needed to learn to ask myself questions as I was going through my life - the questions that Ellie asks in a session. Most famous for me is "is that true?".

I return to Ellie for a "revamp" now and then just to ground myself. I like knowing she is a member of my team as I feel like I have a safety net. Someone who gets me. Someone who can relate to me as a mother, business woman and friend.

In fact recently my daughter was in a mini crisis and she went to see Ellie. Now she feels like she has support beyond our family unit, someone I know I can trust with her to guide her and ground her just like Ellie does for me.

Ellie has a gift to make me see that the challenges we face in life are not insurmountable, but manageable. The world would be a much calmer place if everyone visited Ellie!

Rhonda Massad, Business Owner, City Councillor

“Ellie helped me overcome what it was about myself that disabled my own happiness.”

Nearing the end of University, I experienced high levels of anxiety and sunk into a deep depression. I was haunted by my past, and every situation that I faced was darkened by that projection of the past.

Ellie was very helpful in that she enabled me to see past those projected images into what is the case. She helped me overcome what it was about myself that disabled my own happiness.

My lack of appreciation of all my own possibilities had a direct effect of my own frame of mind, or perspective. Questioning my beliefs was the first step to understanding how I was assuming fictitional situations that impaired my growth.

The meditations we did, as well as the guided imagery, helped me understand the power of the mind to empower the self by better understanding the nature of thoughts, and how I had given up my power to others and their situations.

After moving away, I have tried to keep open the possibilities in my life and tried to ‘keep the power’. Although it is a day-to-day and sometimes moment-to-moment struggle, the learned wisdom has helped me battle some of my deepest fears of isolation and abandonment.

Briel Simon, University Graduate

“Ellie taught me the skills I needed to find my true self and to create my best life.”

When I first started working with Ellie, I spent a lot of time and energy thinking about all the things I didn’t want in my life. But I had no idea what I actually wanted. My fears drove my thoughts around in circles and I felt I had no focus, or any idea how to go about creating the life that I actually wanted.

Ellie created an environment where I could better understand myself. She listened to me but, she also asked me compelling questions that made me see the bigger picture and sometimes the finer details. I found our sessions incredibly soothing and reassuring. I always left each session with Ellie feeling better.

Since working with Ellie, I’m much more compassionate towards myself, my family and am more accepting of my partner (instead of trying to fix or change him).

Even better, I have begun to concentrate on creating the life I want instead of ruminating about what I don’t want. I am now more aware of the choices I make, and my control over the attitude I take in any given situation.

I have learned to release things, people and thoughts that are not supportive.

I am much less afraid than I used to be. I no longer fear getting divorced. I am no longer trying not to become "this person" or "that person". I am much more in tune with what I want, and WHO I AM.


The bottom line is: Ellie offers insight and guidance and teaches you the skills you need to find your true self and to create your best life.

Liv, Lawyer

“Ellie helped guide me out of the thick of things and towards a vantage point that offered real clarity.”

When you’re in the middle of a problem, it’s very hard to get perspective and see the forest for the trees. Ellie helped me to do exactly that. She guided me out of the thick of things and to a vantage point that offered real clarity.

Danny Iny, Strategic Communications

“Ellie showed me how to develop my own sense of clarity in designing life on my own terms.”

It was subtle how I arrived at the crisis in my life. I was in shock. Ellie immediately burst my bubble of illusion and showed me how to develop my own sense of clarity and design in my life.

W.S., Professional Photographer

“Ellie helped me handle my insecurities, dilemmas and desires and get back to setting my own course.”

Ellie was highly recommended to me. In our sessions, she opened up a fantastic world for me where we dealt with my insecurities, dilemmas and desires, and refocused on a most intriguing and amazing path towards my own personal development.

A.P., Business Owner – Sales and Service Training

“Ellie’s guidance helped me regain focus and control over my busy, overactive mind!”

When our initial conversation ended I knew I had just connected with someone who is focused, intelligent and carries herself with a high level of professional integrity.

Her incredibly calm voice and peaceful approach succeeded in quieting my very noisy mind and led me back to a place and time in my life that only in my wildest dreams could I return to. Thank you.

Shari Reinhart, President

“Ellie helped me transition from a demanding career into retirement with renewed vigor and enthusiasm!”

I am a 56 year-old professional female who was about to retire from a 23 year career with one employer. There were some negative surrounding circumstances. I was angry, depressed and lethargic and sought the assistance of Ellie Ballentine.

Over several sessions, Ellie guided me to retrain my ‘brain muscles’ to look at each problem from the present reality and not from past experiences and to examine the truth in the situation and not take things personally.

Ellie provided me with wise and practical counsel as well as objective and clear feedback allowing me to close one chapter of my life and open another with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

J.M., Human Talent Researcher

“Ellie helped me get my decade-long addiction under control and get back to business and family success.”

As a decades-long substance abuser whose business and family success became increasingly at risk, I turned to Ellie Ballentine for help.

I had seen a psychotherapist for extended periods in the past but it was neither a productive nor a pleasant process primarily because it was mostly a one-way dialog with me doing the talking. As someone who continually questioned why I could not stop my self-destructive behavior I needed and wanted to have an intelligent two-way conversation about how I got this way and how I could change.

Right from the start, Ellie was not only a great listener but also a very engaged facilitator with a keen ability to draw out my thoughts and feelings and to link them to my substance abuse.

During a series of always interesting sessions, which often included useful exercises and discussions about recent developments in her field of work and how they were relevant to me, I learned to know myself much better and eventually found the motivation to get sober, stay sober and to be very happy about my life.

I could not have done it without Ellie.

Brian M., Global Commodity Markets Analyst

“Wow would sum up how I feel about my sessions with Elllie!”

Working with Ellie has been uplifting and enlightening. She creates an atmosphere of trust and compassion, while offering marvelous insights and guidance. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

Simon Jutras, Composer

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