“We hired Ellie to facilitate our new Team meeting back in the Fall of 2017. As a young health and fitness studio, we were struggling with communication and growth. Ellie gave us an experience that not only helped us create a powerful exchange with our staff but connected us to our strengths and the value that we really have to offer as a team.

What impressed me most about her skills was her ability as an outsider to ease into our team energy and take a collaborative approach to the needs of the company with professionalism, warmth, sensitivity and the understanding of team dynamics.

From the start her demeanor is inviting and centering as she takes a moment to settle us into a headspace of productivity with positive energy. I am also consistently impressed by how she acknowledges everyone’s unique input, respects the time restraints and returns our attention to the agenda on hand. It’s not easy keeping 15 people on track in an open conversation with a clock ticking! Ellie does it with ease. In our meetings she sets out guidelines for moving forward, addresses what new subjects need attention for future meetings and closes up our time taking a moment to acknowledge the key takeaways. We are now a more cohesive and enriched team that will ultimately benefit our client base.

As a result, we have invited Ellie to prepare the Leadership team in between team meetings in order to improve our accountability and find her an invaluable resource for the growth of our business.”

Gayle Rubin

Manager, Studio Pilaflex, Montreal, Quebec

“In my work with Ellie, it is evident that she truly cares about the process and the outcome and she is able to tap into her wealth of professional training and certifications to choose the exact exercises and path needed to guide a deep and lasting transformation. With an MBA, a master’s degree in psychology and multiple coaching certifications, Ellie has used her unique set of skills to laser focus my experience in a way that, literally, remodelled my way of thinking. After our work together, I have an entirely new approach to life, family, medicine and I have even started to uncover my potential as a leader in the world. I would highly recommend working with Ellie if you are tired of feeling tired and you are ready to reach your destiny.”

Catherine Hansen MD, MPH

Houston, Texas

“Ellie Ballentine is an incredible transformational facilitator. I have been lucky enough to be a participant in groups she has facilitated for the past two years. Ellie brings a level of professionalism, credibility and depth and breadth of experience that is second to none. What Ellie brings could be intimidating, but because she is very humble and approachable, I feel held in a warm extremely capable embrace when she is facilitating. Ellie has a warmth and radiance that is magnetic – she draws people toward her and those of us who are lucky enough to participate cannot help but be transformed.”

Milisa Burns

Certified Coach and Transformational Facilitator, Making Room for You, Toronto, Ontario

“Ellie knows exactly what you are talking about within 5 seconds of beginning a sentence, which is most probably reflecting the state of your mind or soul. She captures it with great precision and compassion. It is an amazing talent; it renders sessions with her breezy and effective. I had the pleasure of seeing Ellie for a full six-month session and a later follow-up of three sessions. As a result, I have a broader vision of life and can tackle issues with much more grace and diplomacy, be it a work or a personal situation. She has also taught me how to lasso in my sensitive nature and use it for the better. I have struggled with that for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to see her again! Thank you Ellie.”

Isabelle Bisson, PhD

President of Terra Humana Solutions, Montreal

“I felt I was carrying a heavy burden from my childhood and a broken heart and was overwhelmed with sadness. Ellie helped me navigate through my own self, leading me to reconnect with my true self and to discredit all the beliefs that were causing pain. I was committed to follow her advice and guidance from day 1 which allowed me to feel more and more relieved from one coaching session to the next. I would highly recommend putting your trust in Ellie and her methods as she can take you to a brighter and happier place.”

Krina Bessoudo

Global Marketing & Communications Director at WSP, Montreal, Quebec

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