There are really many different styles of coaching and coaching relationships. Some target specific actions like training for a marathon, writing a book, how to develop your business, and many more wonderful topics that cover the human experience. The kind of coaching that I’m talking about has to do with realizing your potential no matter what it is you are addressing.

Here are what I consider to be the most meaningful benefits of the coaching relationship:


This is a very important part of the coaching experience and one that most of my clients relish. You are in a process that takes you out of the day-to-day and into a broader perspective of your life. You get clarity about your vision of life and how you want to feel. You get clear about the things that are in your way, paths you may have not been able to see, and clarity about what are the next steps for you.

As I have a background in both business and psychology, this stage can be some of the most meaningful and life-expanding work you ever do. I guide you through experiences that allow you to discover your own internal navigation system that will guide you straight to your desires. You, yourself, learn how to create clarity in your life no matter what is on your plate.


Most people come to me not only with discouragement and challenges but also drained of any vigor or vitality… they’ve lost their mojo and believe whole-heartedly that life is just too tough. That is where a wonderful conversation on energy comes in… and it’s mind-blowing! Modern neurobiology has some great new insights and proven techniques to manage your energy efficiently and effectively. As one of my mentors says, “Ellie, you don’t have energy, you generate energy!” What you’ll discover are ways for YOU to generate and be in good energy. This is a key step, and benefit, to being successful in your life.


I bet you didn’t think courage would be one of the topics. Well it is and here is why. Along this glorious path called Life, you get conditioned and you may have some nasty experiences. There is a lot I could say about that but for today I am mentioning the tough stuff because you may have developed some negative habits and self-talk along the way and it takes a lot of courage to face your dark side, to take a bold leap, and overcome your negative habits. But as your Coach, I am there with you all the way with tips and tricks to help you manage the process and empower you to take some risks. Opening the door to courage is a very freeing experience and one that most of my clients will agree is the scariest step but took them to the most fulfilling places.


Old school, this is where you would learn and focus on productivity. Nothing wrong with being productive but it’s limiting to the experience and not as inspirational. I like to coach on abundance because you not only get to focus on developing a set of habits that will make your day more fun and efficient, you also focus on the actual experience. This is a healthier way to create a meaningful life. There are a lot of mindset tools I have to help you discover those habits so you can live and move with more power and momentum.

Sounds good, right?! It is good! In this day and age of multi-tasking and distractions, the unfortunate result has not only been mediocre results but decreased creativity and burnout. You do NOT want to experience burnout. Most people think they can get over it in a weekend, or week off. Nope. Trust me, it’s months before most people who have reached burnout can recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Learning the mindset for abundance is much easier and often surprisingly empowering.


When we are clear about our desires and the kind of life we would really love to experience, we then have to consider how to communicate that vision to those around us whether to family, friends, colleagues, communities, bosses or clients. The ability to influence people is a key characteristic of success, and I mean the fulfilling kind of success where we influence with connection, compassion and intention. Knowing how to influence is an empowering exploration and experience. Imagine being looked at as a role-model at work, home, school or community. Imagine creating relationships and teams to help you manifest your vision. When you become a person of influence, people, resources and experiences begin to come to you 🙂

Clarity, energy, courage, abundance and influence are, to me, some of the most beneficial states to cultivate if you want to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. Wouldn’t you say that would be true for you too?

If this resonates with you then let’s get started moving you past those blocks and empowering you to be feeling on top of your game! You can click here to book a Breakthrough Session with me and discover how you can start feeling clarity, alignment and relief right now!


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