Whenever I begin working with a new client, there is one question that I propose as I introduce the theory behind what I teach. It actually comes from our dear old friend and teacher, Albert Einstein.

The Power of Thoughts and Feelings

“Do you believe the Universe is friendly or do you believe it is random and chaotic?”

The answer to that question will determine the experience that client will have in life, and consequently, in working with me. The person conducting the experiment has more to do with the results than the experiment itself.

You see, if you believe the Universe (or how everything works) is random and chaotic, then that is what you will experience. If you believe the Universe (or how everything works) is friendly, or there is some order to how it works, then you will experience just that.

Physics tells us that everything is energy. If you look at the tiniest particle, the atom, through a very powerful microscope, what you will see is a lot of space – a tiny speck of vibrating energy. One law of physics is “like energy attracts like energy”. So if everything is energy, and like energy attracts like energy, wouldn’t it be VERY important that we look at the energy of our thoughts?

Why yes, dear Watson, it would.

Thoughts are energy. The Intelligence that is behind everything that is created does not know if the thoughts you are offering are because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing. In either case, that Intelligence is responding to your thoughts. As you think, you give of a sort of vibration. Remember, like energy attracts like energy (it’s law). That vibrational “offering” equals your point of attraction. So what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match.

Your emotion is your guidance or your response to your vibration. Emotion is your indicator of what you are already creating, or what’s coming. So if you feel anxious, then you have been having thoughts that are a match to anxiety. Feelings are just indicators telling you whether or not you are in alignment with a particular subject.

If you treat your emotions as such, then creating in your life can become deliberate and easy. All you have to do is become aware, “Oh, I feel some anxiety about giving the presentation next week. I am not in alignment with it. How could I get into alignment with the presentation?” Allow yourself a moment to get connected to the “why” you are doing the presentation (it might be a topic you love, some information you want to share, lots of money). Feel the good feelings. If there are not any good feelings, then you may want to re-visit the thoughts behind the presentation. If you’re thinking you “should” do it, then that will be the energy in which you have the experience.

I know this may take a moment to “sink in”, but many of you are already on this path because life has already been teaching you that you are the “director of the show” and when you take responsibility for everything that is occurring in your life, you then are in control to change things, make new choices and decisions, whenever you want to.

Now that’s freedom and power!

Take a moment to review the teaching today. The message will last you a lifetime.

But don’t believe me! Go experiment!



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