Magic Wands, Personal Transformation, Same Thing

I have a wonderful niece who is a Harry Potter nerd.  Now stay with me here.  I will get to the wisdom.  She was explaining to me how Harry used his magic wand to transform things.  There are a variety of different spells that do different things.  What is interesting is how he has to conduct the spell using the wand.

Simply put he has to know what he wants to transform, have a clear picture of the result he wants, say the magic words, own the wand and believe that it will work.  Now let’s take a look at how that is comparable to what I teach.

First, you have to know what you want to transform.  “I want to transform this under-exercised body into a healthy and vital one.”  “I want to transform this anxiety into confidence and peace of mind.”  I want to turn this relationship into a loving, dynamic and fun partnership.”  In some cases, you may not know what is “wrong” but you know you are not getting the results you want.  So we have to work on understanding clearly what you want to transform before we begin.

I like the analogy one of my mentors passed on to me.  Let’s say you are in the desert and you want to get to Los Angeles.  I give you a map.  Well, if you don’t know exactly where you are then you can’t get to where you want to go.  The map is useless. The same applies to YOU.   Being clear about what you want to transform is key.

Next, you must have a clear picture of the result you want.  In Harry’s case, if he ever strayed even slightly from the exact result he wanted, he was often faced with disastrous results.  If fear entered his mind, fearful things is what he got!  The same applies to YOU!  Having a clear picture of the result you want keeps you focused and attentive to what will help you bring that result about.

Repeat the result you want in your mind, over and over again.  I recommend to my clients that they write out their goal and read it aloud to themselves when they wake up and when they go to bed.

Your Personal Magic Wand

The next step I hope you have guessed by now.  The “magic wand” is really our mind!  Harry had to own the wand or the wand would just take over.  It knows it’s powerful.  So does your mind!  If you don’t own your mind, it will own you.  Human beings are built that way.  The only thing that differentiates us from a tree is our imagination.  Own your mind and you can create anything you imagine.

The final step is to believe that you will create what you desire.  In Harry’s case, if he believed he could not conduct the spell, well, that’s the result he got.  He had to believe in his own power in order for the wand to work FOR him.  The same applies to YOU.  You must believe that you can do what you are setting out to transform.  You must believe in the result you desire, otherwise you’ll just get what you believe.

Now if you are having a bit of difficulty “owning your wand” then the best step for you is to come for a Breakthrough Session with me.  In this session we’ll uncover the beliefs that have created the results you are getting and create a plan to shift those beliefs in alignment to what you desire.  And don’t forget, I’m offering the Breakthrough Sessions (valued at $150) for just $97 until the end of October 2010.  Book yours today by calling 514-349-5674 or log on to and go to “Services” then “Private Coaching”.  Own your magic wand today!


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4 thoughts on “Magic Wands, Personal Transformation, Same Thing”

  1. I would love to own my wand! How do I overcome these old die-hard habits of worry and doubt
    of what people have said to me?

    I do the work, and I talk to myself all the time. Still the thoughts come into play.

    I have learned so much from Ellie, and I feel much better now than ever!


    1. Hi Bev! I’m glad you’re feeling better, but let’s get you past those sneaky partners, “worry” and “doubt”. Rest assured, you are not the only one haunted by these fellas, and they are dangerous!

      This is one of THE most important topics in understanding how you are creating the results you are getting. Now let’s be honest, where worry and doubt are, there is a third fella lingering close by – FEAR! The “trio” of worry, doubt and fear MUST be dealt with in order for you to use that “magic wand” – your mind – to create what you desire.

      Every human suffers from some combination of fears be it fear of death, ill health, old age, loss of love, criticism, and poverty.

      I could (and will) write a whole article on this, but for the purposes of setting you in the right direction, consider the above fears. Be honest, which fears have attached themselves to you? Write them down.

      Know that fear is a state of mind. States of mind can be changed by being decisive. You could look at worry as a form of sustained fear caused by indecision, therefore it’s a state of mind which can be controlled. If it’s ill health you fear, decide to forget symptoms. If it’s criticism you fear, make the decision to not worry about what other people think, do or say. You also have to commit and practice.

      You have the power to feed your mind whatever thoughts you choose. This is a privilege which bears the responsibility of using it constructively. Give your mind the thoughtful food that is aligned with what you desire, NOT with what you do not want.

      Decide, commit and practice whenever those fellas throw your wand for a loop!

      Hope that helps.



  2. Ellie, your blogs are always so insightful and right on the mark! They are also such a source of comfort and inspiration for me. Thank you.


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