So many of you want love in your life, whether that comes in the form of a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse, or close relationships with family members and friends. You want love to be present and apparent… I mean, c’mon, it feels so darn good!

But when love eludes you, you often blame your circumstances. Like “if my spouse really loved me he would…”, or “I haven’t met THE one”, or “I’m too fat”, or the loooooooong list of things that have “gone wrong” that makes you believe that Love just can’t find you.

Well, I’m here to let you know a little something different. Love is not an outside job, it’s an inside job. And love is always present. No one is holding your portion of love away from you. You are the one who allows it to reach you, or not. So let’s reframe.

When you believe you will feel loved when the right one shows up or your spouse behaves the way you want him/her to, then you believe you are the result of something outside of you. That is not true. You are the creator.

Here’s the reframe. You actually are unconditional love! Yep, you are the one you’ve been waiting for. When you live from the place of love you would like in your life, then you will attract people and situations who are a match to that belief AND you will be feeling good because it’s the kind of love you like 🙂

As your Mindset Mentor, I can’t help but say to you if you’re feeling blue and unloved, question your mind. What are you believing? Is it true? Is it 100% true? In so doing, you are practicing unconditional love for yourself because you are uncovering what is true for you. Reality is always kind. When you release yourself from the thoughts that make you feel like a victim, you make room for love to come your way, in your way!

Create more love in your life, share more love, be the love you want to be in the world!



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