I was working with a client the other day talking about emotions and how powerful life can be when we learn how to understand and relate to them. My client then asked me which emotion I thought was most powerful in wellness. I told her, gratitude.

To give more understanding as to why I chose gratitude, I will turn to an anthropologist and author by the name of Gregg Braden. He talks about gratitude and the reason for its unique power as an emotional state. He states gratitude is so unique that, after decades of research, the Heartmath Institute has identified it as the only emotion that predictably evokes a state of coherence – the electrophysiologic frequency of the heart, brain, and lungs at which the body begins to regenerate and heal. Isn’t that powerful?!

Simply put, gratitude is a means of experiencing thanks for what already has been received. It is a way of saying – this exists already, make it manifest. It is different than asking for what you want.

This experiential envisioning has its impact and Braden points to quantum biology to explain just how and why this works. In a discovery called morphic resonance, for example, the findings suggest a “process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems.” Evidence now exists whereby you can affect your biology by simply tapping into the experience of it.

So, let’s try it and see for yourself!

Meditate on wellness, on what it would feel like to be finally free and at ease in yourself, your mind, and your heart.

What would your body look like? Your skin, your hair, your eyes, your muscle tone?

What would your mind say to you in this well state?

What would your heart feel – Peace? Joy? Love?

Where is the energy most intense in your body when you are well? Is it rising up and out? Localized somewhere?

What does the energy around you feel like? Light? Safe? Clear?

Feel all of this, now. Feel it as though it has happened and you are already there in the experience of your wellness. Focus less on the outcomes (resolved symptoms, etc.) and more on the feeling that those outcomes might afford. (I’m relaxed, clear, excited, turned on, at ease.)

In the end, it’s a feeling that you desire, it’s not a set of conditions, so get straight to the core of your desires and live it into reality.

Then be awake and alert to what is happening in your life as a result of BEING in the state you want. You’ll experience more flow, more energy, and more creativity. Your physiology will be activated with more positive chemicals running throughout your body. Your central nervous system will promote calmness, alertness and access greater space in your brain.

Like anything, you have to be in practice in order to sense a change and the power gratitude brings. So, try this out every day for the next 10 days or so and let me know how it goes.

Just one emotion. How powerful!!





If this resonates with you and you’d like to overcome some of your own barriers to living the life you want, then click here and I’ll make sure we connect. And you know I like to share the love, so if you know someone who could benefit from this article then please share it! Imagine, thought by thought and act by act we are creating a more conscious world.

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